This Is How I Celebrate The End Of The Olympics

And with a bang, the 2014 Olympics are over. I didn’t watch a single event. But people keep asking me what I thought.

So I had a tee shirt made:


Comes with its own battery pack — sarcasm powered.

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21 thoughts on “This Is How I Celebrate The End Of The Olympics”

  1. I always break down and sort of watch the last game of hockey (both men’s and women’s). That means I turn on the TV to the game and then go work at my computer in the other room. I hear if anything earth shattering happens. So far the earth has remained unshattered.

    1. I admire your dedication. I wish I could emulate it but I know myself too well.

      But maybe I could try to dip my feet in with a viewing of the summer olympics…I could set up a tv on the deck and maybe build an outdoor bar. I’m having some good thoughts here. *grin*

  2. Mom absorbed every. single. minute. of ice skating, or as I call it, “Faaabuulouuus Sliding.” What I want to know is how you got a tee shirt with an animated GIF made.

    1. Didn’t watch a thing at the Olympics, although I still have the same question as @BrainRants above: where did you get the tee shirt with a GIF? Hogwarts?

  3. The only way to watch the Olympics is via DVR – you fast forward through all the commercials and overblown, over-emotional vignettes and just watch the competition. Another bonus: you can watch an entire 3-hour broadcast in roughly 20 minutes.

    1. Great idea if we were home and had cable. We don’t subscribe to cable at home because it was a budget choice between getting satellite Internet service or satellite cable. If the Mister couldn’t have Internet, one of us would be dead right now.

      And since he has very nice legs and does all the cooking, it wasn’t a difficult decision.

  4. My T-shirt says “Sochi? Sowhat?”
    Much like you, I missed the entirety of the Olympics (again). If I want to see people slip and slide on ice, I’ll open the curtains and look out the front window at my sidewalk. If I want to see fireworks and people in snappy uniforms waving at crowds (and I DON’T), I’ll go to a parade.

    1. *snort* THAT phrase goes on the back of my tee shirt.

      I lost all interest in the Olympics when I heard they allow professional athletes. That’s so wrong I lost my remote accidentally on purpose.

      (Hope you’re surviving up there!)

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