Something about a Tibetan monk and an arm

Happy Saturday! Hope you’re up and awake. Pour a cup of whatever gets you going because it’s that time again.

Yes, it’s the day of the week when The Nudge Wink Report goes live with this week’s comic-tary.  I checked in with management and it looks like Wink filed his report with only minutes to spare. This guy punches a time clock for no one.

Maybe this is the reason Wink almost missed his deadline.

Maybe this is the reason Wink almost missed his deadline.

That’s too bad ’cause Oma ate all the Krispy Kremes and Shouts got the last drop of Folgers. Dave and Natalie are in with the boss talking raises (good luck with that) so it was left to me to make sure Wink found the “Publish” button. All I can tell you is his story has something to do with Tibetan monks and a missing arm.

Click over to read Wink’s post and maybe take a wander around The Nudge Wink Report. The Field Reporters are always on hunt for topics, which you can submit on the Ask Nudge/Wink page.

See you over there!

BlogShorts: The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop
by blogdramedy

The bus is late. It’s never late. She’ll be late for work.

She’s never late for work.

She pauses.

The bus arrives and she walks by.

She’ll be late for work.

This post is part of the BlogShorts Challenge June 2011. 30 stories ~ 30 words ~ 30 days