Nine Twelve Thirteen – Twelve

Could I come up with a more confusing title?

Just give me time.

This post is a continuation of a continuation.

As I wrote a couple of posts back, I missed a few days from blogaday2011 because I was on vacation. My bad. After I wrote that post I had a little glitch in the system and WordPress wouldn’t allow me to upload posts or images. Was this their way of telling me I was on notice? That when you sign up for blogaday that means YOU. TAKE. BLOGGING. SERIOUSLY?

I have to blog EVERY day? What a rip!

Perhaps. But a nice guy named Anthony, a WordPress Happiness Engineer, fixed me up at no charge and in less than 24 hours. Color me happy!

If you’ve been following along, the Mister and I took a four-day holiday that turned into an eight-day “spend money on the car” getaway. We spent the first few nights with friends of the Mister…The Lady and her Mister. She of the long-winded, one-sided conversation. I’ve never been talked at so much in my life. It wasn’t as bad as I make out but put it this way…in order for me to talk to her Mister I had to wait until she went to pee.

I spent the entire time filling up her water glass, her wine glass and her coffee cup. I got to know her Mister quite well after a few days.

Sunday morning rolled around and we were getting set to pack our bags when we got the call.

Friends we’d had dinner with on Friday night were heading off on their own little mini-vacation to see U2 and said the magic words: house sit. As in they were heading out-of-town and would we be willing to stay at their place until they got back on Tuesday. I asked if they were kidding and when they said no, I was packed and at the door in 30 seconds. The Mister had never seen me move so fast.

When we told the Lady, she was thrilled. Here’s why. The house we were looking after is about one block and around the corner away. It’s a house she’s always wanted to snoop in and she could smell the opportunity. As we were heading down the walkway to the car she tossed out phrases like, “We should get together for drinks before you leave.” And, “We’re free Monday.”  And, “I walk past that house every day…is it nice inside?”

She followed us to the car and with a hopeful smile, waved us on our way.

Twenty-seven seconds later, we pulled up to Chez Three Bedrooms and a Spa Bathroom with Outdoor Pond with Koi and unloaded our bags. We managed to find the key and turned off the alarm first try. We’re that good.


3 thoughts on “Nine Twelve Thirteen – Twelve”

  1. Congratulation for being able to scape from the lady and the mister for a little while. House sitting can be fun. Can’t wait for the rest of the story. Hugs, Marie

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