Obama puts the “bam” back in Obama

Tonight, the real President Obama stood up and reminded Americans why he’s President. And it’s about bloody time. As a staunch Democrat supporter and believer in the ability of the President to find a future for the United States, I was this close…this close…to giving in and giving up.

Now, it’s game on.

Obama finally gets on the Jolt train.

Tonight, the President used small words to outline a big plan to get Americans working again. If you want to read his full remarks, click here. For the detailed overview of the American Jobs Act, click here. And please, do click there…don’t rely on the media to give you an unbiased review of this proposal. Get it from the source.

This was a ballsy speech and if Republicans don’t get off their asses wasting everyone’s time defending the America of the past and stand up to fight for the America of the future, they should just pack their trunks and go home.

Bye-bye, so long, don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you go. Wait…change that. Please, let the door smack you in the butt and I hope it stings. Never before has the saying, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” been more relevant.

Republicans, responding to advance excerpts of the President’s remarks, whined and whinged saying this plan is just more stimulus spending and the first stimulus funding didn’t work. Didn’t work? What didn’t work? The tanking economy found its feet and is now standing ready to move forward. If not for the original stimulus spending, the economy would be dead and a big old closed sign would be hanging on the door of the former United States.

Now is the time to suck it up, accept it’s going to take years to bring the economy back from the brink of Republican ineptitude and just get busy facing facts and finding answers.

I hope entrepreneurs and business owners listened and took heart from this speech. The President’s comment that he’s going to find things that he and government can do that  will not require Republican approval got a big woot from me. Like making sure that if a small business does business with the federal government, their invoices will be paid fast and first. I give that a hell, yeah!

I really enjoyed his smack-down of Republicans demands for less regulation. The President highlighted a number of regulations that today ensure the health and safety of all Americans. This got huge applause from Democrats while Republicans sat there like chastised children sulking because they got caught doing something they know they shouldn’t.

I think what’s happened is Republicans know they have gone too far and like all bullies, they are damned and determined not to back down and are adamant in not supporting ANY plan proposed by the President. No matter how reasonable or doable. They are in spite mode and it doesn’t matter anymore if what they are saying and proposing makes no sense. Republican ego-itis has now reached the chronic stage.

In support of the President’s proposal, I’d like to see every business owner and working American get out a dollar bill. Everyone can spare one dollar.

On that bill I want them to write “I support fair tax increases because I support America and I passed my math exam” and mail it directly to the President of the United States…with a note asking him to take it to Congress and dump it in the middle of the room.

From individuals alone, that would bring in $153.6 million. If you include all businesses, the amount is in the hundreds of millions*…all in one dollar bills. That’s my kind of direct-mail campaign.

Advanced mathematics is not my thing. But even I know you have only two options to balance a budget: make more money or spend less money.

For a relatively rich economy with one of the lowest tax rates in the world, it’s time for Americans to stop acting like they can’t do the math.

*Stats from U.S. Census

6 thoughts on “Obama puts the “bam” back in Obama”

  1. The real question, though, is if he/the democrats can back it up. The Republican machine is frighteningly good at dumbing things down until it becomes a bogeyman that scares people into blind obedience (there are too numerous examples to list, but for example, turning the estate tax, designed by the architects of the US to be a safeguard against the wealthy building empires, was turned in to a “Death Tax” – the democrats want to tax you for dying! – that went after farmers).

    1. Sadly, he has his work cut out for him. But now that he’s thrown down the gauntlet, I hope he keeps to his promise to take his case to the American people and that he reaches enough of them with the common sense to understand that taxes must be raised. What a flippin’ mess.

  2. I think it is a forgone conclusion that no matter what Obama does at this point, it will be severely criticized. Republicans most likely block everything he attempts until the election, then point and say, “See! What has he accomplished?”

    1. Thanks! I wish people would speak out more about the dumbing down of American by Republicans and that the Tea Party implodes. Sadly, this is right up there with if pigs could fly.🙂

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