If you have nothing else to do, read this post. WARNING: you might step in something icky.

I debated whether I should post a longer excerpt from my first-ever novel-writing attempt for NaNoWriMo. After a lengthy conversation with myself and two pots of high-octane coffee, I’ve decided the answer is…what the hell.

The only way — and I mean the. only. way. — I’m going to finish this epic exertion in epic-insanity, is if I bring you all along for the ride.

Now remember people, as the folks at NaNo say, “you’ll be writing a lot of crap.” Please keep that in mind and tender your comments in a kind and forgiving fashion. If you simply must bust my gut and terrorize me about my terminology, please keep it brief. If you spot any of the typos, keep it to yourself. Believe me, I know they are there. If I’m still sitting in an upright position by the end of this month, I’ll find ’em…and shoot ’em.

While we’re on the subject, don’t worry too much about the sentence structure. I think I put periods in the correct place and some of the characters seem to have two names but…and then there’s the plot. Yes, it reads a little like I was on drugs but, honestly? Strictly over the counter meds. So, please be gentle. The fact is, I only have so many tears to go around and unless I up my intake of vodka (which, when I think about it, is not such a totally bad idea) I need to keep some moisture in reserve for the remaining 30,000+ words I have yet to vomit out on to what seems like an endless stream of blank pages.

Here you go. Have at it.

The (Re)Incarnation of Me

13 thoughts on “If you have nothing else to do, read this post. WARNING: you might step in something icky.”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I printed it. Now I have a whopping 19 pages to enjoy by the fire, cats on my lap, my weary dogs sticking out past the ottoman, whist sipping a snifter full of cognac. Thanks for a delightful evening. I’ll leave my red editor’s pen in the office. Don’t worry, your text will be safe. No way in hell in getting off my ass in that scenario.

  2. I’m impressed. Are you living on espresso, or are you sneaky enough to have a ghost writer at your side.

    I did have one thing that confused me – aren’t you glad it’s just one thing, since I confuse easily.

    In chapter 4 “It was then that Don turned to her and asked, “So. How did you come to be here tonight? I don’t think I’ve seen you on the charity circuit before.” Should that have been said by Daniel, or did I miss something – which is very likely the case.

    Keep tapping away, you’ll be finished and we’ll be at the funeral.

    1. Keen eye! You are correct…Daniel suddenly turned into Don. Don’t ask me why. I must have been having a Don Johnson “Miami Heat” flashback. Her boss at the newspaper also changed names mid story. What can I say? I’m writing this without an outline and new characters keep wanting to join in the hilarity. I’ve since fixed and I have now penciled in everybody’s name on a piece of paper next to my laptop. If I lose that, I’m screwed.

      I’m not drinking espresso…that would suggest there is a cup involved. I’ve got an IV running straight from the machine.🙂

  3. Okay, I didn’t read the whole thing (I’m here on a break from writing my own great American novel), but I did read about 6 pages in and I really like it. Seriously. Yes, the editor in me wanted to whip out the red pen, but once I got over that, the story really did pull me along. You got a keeper, here. I’ve read polished manuscripts submitted for publishing (in an on-line magazine, but still, published) that weren’t as engaging as this.
    Keep writing! Doo eeet!

    1. Damn, girl. Are you a witch or something? This comment came in at a critical time…I was just speed reading through what I’ve written so far and cringing at the sloppy timing. Not to mention characters suddenly having new names.🙂

      I’ve never written fiction before, except for BlogShorts and the odd Friday Drabble. This is serious hard work. I started off in the first person then realized it sounded more like my blog writing and I didn’t want that…so mid-stream I changed over to third person. It made my brain hurt but I kept at it and I think it’s starting to stick. The story is developing more seriously that I had anticipated and I think that’s due to the change in style.

      I hit 15,000 and still going. At some point I’ve got to get Amy back to following up on the whole end date storyline but she’s not ready to go there yet and besides… I got a whole pack of words yet to go. Keep the words of encouragement coming…

  4. You know what… writing crap is the hardest part. You can ALWAYS clean it up later. The hardest part is just to get it out there and on paper. For me, anyway. I am glad this NaNo thing is around to give people the freedom to just get their shit on paper and not force judgement on it before it even has a chance to breathe. And you can QUOTE me on that.

  5. Wow. I am totally fascinated that you can find out when you are going to die,”online. And for free.” Combining the mystical with the commercial. Nice. Also, who would have thought society would ever demonstrate, “acceptance of death”? The ramifications of this are endless.

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