BlogFestivus Day 5: Hear the Christmas Rings

Do you hear what I hear? No?

Well, check your hearing aid then hit play.

(The recording only makes sense if you’ve read my previous BlogFestivus posts and are a regular reader of  Shouts from the Abyss. Oh, and you know that Rudolph’s nose glows.)

This story is part of BlogFestivus: 12 short stories, 12 days, 12 Days of Christmas. You can find more of these unique stories by clicking on the participant links below:

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25 thoughts on “BlogFestivus Day 5: Hear the Christmas Rings”

  1. Your voice reminds me so much of a friend called Vicki. You’re not her, though, unless you’ve taken a new identity through police protection, which could be since she was related to … some Businessmen you don’t really want to exchange favors for.

  2. Congratulations on having the voice of doom! Good work re-incorporating.

    It’s probably good you did the Lord of the Rings thing; otherwise I would have been tempted.

  3. You know, I really wanted my day five to feature a certain kind of “ring,” especially one found around a collar or a bathtub. But, doggonit, you went and sublimely one-upped me once again. Wow. I’m in awe! Was that really 144 words?

    I’ve got dancing feet! I just left my seat. I’m giddy. I’m intoxicated. In fact, I’m clapping my ass off for this. I’m ovating! (Or perhaps it’s just a one-person version of the wave.)

    I salute you for so vibrantly bringing the spirit of BlogFestivus to life!

    1. Again with the positive comments. I’m impressed as hell. Don’t do it again.

      Thanks and I hope you don’t mind me using you as my muse. You and doom. Like peanut butter and jelly.🙂

        1. I do tend to think of you in situations like this. I hope other readers aren’t getting jealous. I may have to branch out and touch someone else…when my iPod arrives.😉

          My voice tends towards the dramatic. I have to work on that.🙂

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