7 Deadly Sins: a writing contest by k8did

Lenore Diane had a thought…to send me to k8did’s blog to check out her 7 Deadly Sins writing contest. I missed out on the whole Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups group blog extravaganza so this is like she’s throwing me a bone…which I will seriously think about chewing.

As a full-time paid-up member of Sloth Bloggers Anonymous (copywrited by me just now), I’m not sure I have the requisite glutton for punishment gene. However, I am full of envy for k8did’s creativity in coming up with this challenge. I pride myself on not being able to turn down a challenge. I normally lust after anything that lets me put words on a page but lately Kindle has been greedy and unwilling to share me with anyone else.

This has made me angry.

7 Deadly Sins is a 600-word writing challenge and I think you get about two weeks to write down your witty bon mots before submitting it for judging. Yes, judging. Right there I’m a little intimidated. I judge not lest those who judge me find something to judge.

While I’m not sure I’m going to sign up, I thought some of you may want to toss aside your slothdom and submit some stories. It would be a sin to pass up this opportunity to be judged…worthy.

8 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins: a writing contest by k8did”

  1. You are a hoot – which is way better than being a loon. I should know, as I tend to be a loon.
    BD, you need to take part in the 7 Deadly Sins thing…. really. Something tells me you could create some really brillant gems. Not that I look at you and think ‘sinner’. Honest.

  2. But isn’t this right up your alley? I can’t read your blog without thinking sinful thoughts. Then again, that probably says something more about me. But I don’t pray. The only reason I get on my knees… well, I don’t need to finish that sentence.

    1. Sinful and sinner are not the same thing. While I can be full of sin (and am most of the time) I can’t be ner of sin. Ner is an alien word to me. You must be thinking of Ann Coulter.🙂

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