FabWow! This is why this guy needs to be freshly pressed

And why I follow Shouts from the Abyss. For witty writing like this:

I liked the way Mondays runned it
Scheduled posts – veritable political pundit
Pure wit on steroids that out gunned it
No shit, less twit than an SNL skit

Yes, these words of wisdom he created in response to my post about scheduling posts gave me a funny feeling deep inside. Can this man weave magic or what?

And so begins my foray into posting to a schedule. My first FabWow! post and will you just look at that? On a day that ends with a Y. I’m on a roll here…

Shouts is also starting a new series on Tuesdays…The BlogFather. If I don’t shoot myself after reading his first installment, I’ll post a review and let you know if it will be worth your time to take time out of your busy Tuesday…or if you should just hire a hit man and put him out of his misery.

But then misery loves company and I’m a party girl so lock and load but with blanks only, please. We don’t want to give him anything else to whine about.


8 thoughts on “FabWow! This is why this guy needs to be freshly pressed”

  1. Paisano!

    Luckily I was wearing my ShamWow underwear and thus prepared for this post.

    You’re not like a member of the Family. You are Family. You have shown great respect and friendship, therefore your enemies are my enemies. It doesn’t get any better than that. The Blogfather hasn’t decided on your title yet, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to be Made Man Blogdramedy. Perhaps Mafioso Blogdramedy. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it. Or maybe, more simply, The Sicilian. Naw, forget that last one. It sounds too much like pizza. As usual I went one too far.

    You’re already made so there’s really no need to admit in public that you know me unless you’re under oath, and in that case, call me for a mouthpiece. Trust me. Avoid the embarrassment and shame. Deny my very existence.

    As the Blogfather to your children, I humbly accept this great honor you have bestowed on me and the Family.

    Yours in friendship,

    Velveeta Core Bologna

    1. Excuse me but…who are you again?

      I can swear on whatever is most holy (my socks) that I’ve never met you before in my life. That’s the honest truth. Mind melds and a strong psychic connection and the shared ability to rock at Naked Twister doesn’t mean we “know” each other…at least not in the biblical sense.

      Damn shame, too.😉

  2. All this Mafioso talk makes me hungry for some Sopranos.

    Awesome post Blogdramedy. Shouts is definitely a one of a kind. His Twitter feed usually leaves me in stitches, or is that from the pistol-whipping from being a snitch?

  3. I think he’s going to be the Susan Lucci of being Fresh Pressed. So close, but never getting there. “The People” will love him even more for it.

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