Friday Drabble: A Mockery

Jilly read the trilogy over lunch…stuffing the words into her brain like a pig snuffling for truffles.

After work, starved for more, Jilly decided to see if the movie was still playing. It was and she quickly purchased a ticket. She was the only person in the theater so after sitting down in the best seat in the house, Jilly prepared to feast.

The usher found her hours later. Dead after eating her own arm. The odds had not been in Jilly’s favour. It was a small tribute to pay to know she’d never have to see the sequels.

A drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words. Exactly…so no cheating. Feel free to join in and write your own drabbles on Fridays and tag them with “friday drabble” and on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaydrabble. Thanks to Stevil for the inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Friday Drabble: A Mockery”

  1. Loved it. It’s amazing how delicious 100 words can be. I’ve been doing the 100 word challenge elsewhere, and it’s been a great exercise. It’s interesting how in the case of well written pieces, the 100 words can be a gourmet appetizer or as they say in Top Chef, an “amuse bouche”. By the same token, some of the weaker ones can be incredibly long and tedious while thankfully only 100 words.

      1. Is it just me or did WordPress recently change how you’re informed of comments? I commented on a few blogs today and my phone blew up – every single comment made on those blogs showed up on my email. These I.T. guys really know how to muck up a website.

        1. I noticed yesterday that when I commented the little box you used to be able to tick for follow up emails on comments was already ticked. WP…tricky little buggers.

  2. Porkin’ on her own shoulder? What a butt. I hate people who flap their jowls in a movie. I guess she liked to ham it up but she should have stopped at the loin. I don’t mean to be such a cutup, I’m just ribbing y’all. Hopefully that was good for a belly laugh, but something tells me my commenting karma just went into hock. Did I say too much? Like usual, I have to try to hog the spotlight on other people’s blogs. I’m just trying to save your bacon, even though the drabble was better than you think!🙂

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