Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest

Lenore Diane had a dream. To get a group of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lovers together for one day and with one goal in mind. To show the whole world how life is always better with a pint of Vermont’s finest.

Today is that day!

And we’re doing it blogger-style. Not gangnam-style…although I do have those sunglasses.

Listen to my I-only-had-one-chance-to-record-this take on Ben & Jerry’s “AmeriCone Dream” flavor then scroll down to get a taste of what my fellow bloggers had to say.


If your sweet tooth still isn’t aching, go check out these other fine bloggers as we attempt to scoop the attention of Ben & Jerry.

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37 thoughts on “Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest”

    1. Ooooh… lactose intolerant? I’m sorry. If I had the resources I would hold a telethon for the lactose intolerant. I don’t what it would accomplish… maybe just making sure they knew how awesome cheese is… but I’d have the telethon.

    1. I say thank you but really…I only had one chance because of the weather this weekend…we have Internet by satellite and I kept losing the signal. I really wish I’d been able to make a couple of recordings but…

      I compensated by eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s. No, I did not share.

  1. Brilliant!!! Nice last line. NICE. I seem to to be throwing this word around a great deal this morning… this was ‘awesome’. I snorted at the Republican offer, too. Thankfully, my tolerance for Ben & Jerry’s is so large, 3 pints will do nothing to me and my belly. (Well, it may grow the belly a bit.)🙂
    BD, you rock. You should be heard on NPR or Saturday Night Live. Brilliant and bravo.

    1. Whoa. Too much accolading, lady! I think you need to cut back on the sugar.

      This was such a great idea, Lenore. Please do it again sometime. I like doing the research.🙂

  2. I think you have the voice that could not only melt butter, but melt the chocolate phish in phish food! Imagine running into a celeb at the grocery store!!! I will hover around the B&J aisle to see who I can spot.

  3. I love that you worked in a mention of spam into your post about ice cream!🙂

    I agree with Renee, Darla and Lenore that you have a lovely voice. Would you come to my yoga class?

  4. You SHOULD be in radio. What a great voice (and funny bit).

    I just hope your honey’s sister doesn’t hear this. Sounds like you should have posted a “Christmas gift spoiler” alert about the Spam.

    1. Thanks! On the Spam…no family members read this blog. If they do they keep it quiet.

      I give everyone a can of Spam for gifts. Just in case the apocalypse comes during the holidays…that stuff has legs.😉

  5. Oh .. no .. you .. dint!

    Depends and a Palin reference? At the same time? No way! But you totally pulled it off!!!

    Bravo! Bravo! I’ve literally got tears streaming down my face. I’m not worthy.

    So how is it I never heard you guys were all going shopping together? I like me a pint as much as the next blogger. I guess I’ll have to drown my sorrows tonight with a pint of Chubby Hubby. Or, since you did mention Vermont, perhaps a marathon session with The Vermonster. Oh yeah. Me and Vermi (as I like to call her) got a cold date tonight. I’ll grab a bottle of wine and put on the Barry White and take her down by the fire, but not too close. It’s gonna be so good. We like to spoon.

    Make the world go away. Ice cream style.

    1. *snort* You slay me.🙂

      Oh…you got me with the Barry White reference. Did you know one of my nicknames is Vermi (after the pasta, not the Vermonster.)

      This blog-o-rama was by invite only. I suggested you but we were full up on the testosterone quota. Besides, I didn’t think you’d be interested…I seem to recall inviting you to guest post here and I got ignored…after being teased with a big food post then…nada. I was left hungry.

      So, I’ll toss out the invite again. Please write a guest post for Blogdramedy. I am prepared for your worst.😉

    1. The library? Was the librarian out sick? Librarians seems to know when I enter the building…I don’t mean to make noise. It just comes with the package.

      Glad you liked the post. I’m all about improving anyones personal economic situation.

  6. This was way cool. Your voice is so great…I bet my students would actually listen to a great voice like yours. Instead they put up with my uneven tone and octave spanning pitch. I loved this.

    1. Ha! I bet your voice is fab. Few people like the sound of their own voice…including myself. I had one shot to get it posted with Internet issues so I’m happy people seemed to enjoy. I’ll do another audio post for BlogFestivus!

      1. I have described it (my voice) as a cross between Johnny Cash and Tiny Time. I have this little squeek every now and then, and as I get older my voice gets lower and “gruffer” sounding.

        Yours could melt buttah….

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