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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Can Joan work an outfit or what?

It’s been c-c-c-cold and I’ve been p-p-p-painting. The slash house is all shiny and white and looks fab. (Amy, I didn’t tear up the carpet yet. Give me time.)

I also got seriously hooked on the first two seasons of Mad Men. Hello, Don Draper. I want me some of that.

But, the house beatification is done, most of the summer neighbors have hit the road and I just watched the last episode of Season Two, so I’m back here on Blogdramedy ready to interact, interweave and interrupt whatever you’ve got going on.

Seems I missed out on some juicy gossip while I’ve been gone…Demi and Ashton?

Color me shocked and twitterfied. It’s like Charlie Sheen all over again.

Obama’s jobs plan laid off by the Republicans? Those bastards really don’t want to do anything good for the economy, do they? And, Steve Jobs leaves a world better off for having him in it.

It’s all a bit too much sometimes. So I’ll go distract myself by mixing a cocktail and catching up on what you’ve all been blogging about.

It’s good to be back and I hope it’s as good for you. Not exactly winning the lottery good or a really hot night of sex good but I kind of missed not being part of your inbox…even if you do occasionally delete me before reading.

Not that any of you would do that, of course.

That was reverse psychology there. Laying out my greatest fear like that is supposed to make you feel more loving towards me, thereby increasing your deep-seated guilt and decreasing the odds of you hitting the delete key. At least, that’s the theory. Let me know if it works.