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Sorry for the interruption but you need to do this NOW!

Vote for me. Blogdramedy. That’s me with a capital B.

Don’t even bother reading the rest of this post…it’s not that good. But voting for me would be a good thing. Right up there with adopting a stray puppy or voting for Obama. It will make you feel good.

I want you  to vote for Blogdramedy!

Go here and read the poll then vote. Or if you insist, keep reading until you get to the end, then vote.

I’ve been informed by a very reliable source that I am a finalist on The Byronic Man’s blog segment, “Weekly Question of the Week” or WQW for short. The reliable source was the B-Man himself and he wouldn’t lie to me. EVER!

The question:

What Does The Government Do With All Those Hours They Take From Us When We Turn The Clocks Forward?

My answer:

They’re planning to sell it back to us at a higher interest rate, like time foreclosure.

Okay, you got this far so you know what to do. Go to The Byronic Man and vote.

For me.

Yes, the others gave good answers and they are all worthy potential winners but I named B-Man one of my BOOB! winners so he kind of owes me. Not that he should take that as a bribe or anything. I’m just saying…I’m a 34DD and I let him get a glimpse of my cleavage and he’s never been the same since so…

As the “bribe” word has already come up in this post…I’m offering. What’s it gonna take? I’m open to all offers as long as it doesn’t involve anything to do with chickens.

Can’t come up with anything? How’s this:

If I win, I’ll take a saucy photo of one (or maybe two) of my favorite body parts that B-Man can post along with his announcement of the winner. Which will be me, of course. The body part may, or may not, have warm chocolate sauce drizzeled on it…depends on the point spread.

You may now peel your eyelids back down and go vote. Thanks!

As is my wont, I geared this bribe towards those of the male persuasion. If you’re a woman, or gay, it’ll be a photo of shoes. If you’re a woman and gay, then it’s shoes drizzled in chocolate. I can hear heavy breathing already. If I’ve left anyone out, let me know. As I said, as long as it doesn’t involve chickens, I’m open.

PS – Byronic Man…sorry for all the pingbacks. You did tell me to embark on a shameless self-promotion blitz.