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BlogFestivus Day Two: Marley YouTubes A Little Christmas Spirit

(This is the second of a five-part series for BlogFestivus, A Christmas Carol. Check out the links to all the participating “ghost” writers for this year’s challenge. Be merry. — BD)

Marley YouTubes A Little Christmas Spirit
by Blogdramedy

Stocking Chivas to Blue Christmas playing on his iPod, Ebbie pondered the irony of running a bar once owned by Cleveland’s most infamous alcoholic. It was a disease and so far, he’d been immune. But spending his nights knee-deep in sad souls drinking to forget were taking their toll. Continue reading BlogFestivus Day Two: Marley YouTubes A Little Christmas Spirit

BlogFestivus Day 3: Rogue Special

Rogue Special
by Blogdramedy

Hard to believe he's a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Institute.

Three French hens walked into a bar.

After preening their feathers and checking out the action, they sashayed over to the jukebox, looking for some Elvis.

The Rogue’s Roost was quiet and the bartender kept amused watching National Geographic. Programmers know squat about the jungle. They should be in here late on a Saturday.

The eagle strolled in as “Hound Dog” started wailing from the juke. He strutted across the room and perched on a stool.

“What’s the special tonight?”

“There’s baked squab with a side of squirrel risotto for $9.99. I think we have a little of the lizard lasagna left. You got something particular in mind?”

The eagle scratched his bald head and cracked his claws. “Well, I have a hankering for something French… something fried.”

The bartender looked over at the jukebox and pumped his 12 gauge. “Coming right up.”

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