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Writers are tricky and have the best excuses

Thanks for the idea, Tom! You really sake-ed it out of the ballpark with this one.

I’m referring to Tom Clancy…the author of one of my favorite books, The Hunt for Red October (and not a bad movie, either. Sean Connery…da!) Remember Debt of Honor, a Clancy novel that once again featured the wily Jack Ryan of the CIA? The one where the United States is under attack by Japan, only not so much with weapons of mass destruction but rather with the killer idea to cripple the Stock Exchange? Remember Jack’s totally brilliant solution…after the bad guys are toast and the government and bankers are all OH MY GOD, WHAT DO WE DO NOW??? Jack comes up with the idea to start the day’s trading with the stocks value EXACTLY THE SAME as just before the Japanese attempt a sashimi on the SEC. I tell you…that Jack is one smart Irish guy. Not that I have any experience in knowing smart Irish guys. I’ve yet to meet one. Full of themselves, yes. Full of smarts…sadly, still waiting.

So…that’s what I’ve decided to do here today on Blogdramedy. Pretend it never happened. The past 25 or so days of not blogging never happened. I’m in total denial and if you ask me what happened I’m going to say…what do you mean, what happened??? Nothing happened. Except…okay. I’ll tell you one thing that happened and then we’ll just continue as if nothing happened.

Years of working in advertising has left me with the ability to totally ignore ads of any and all kinds. They don’t stick. I buy what I want because I want to…not because some blonde housewife claims that I can save the world from utter and total destruction if only I’d go out and buy the toilet bowl cleaner she’s hawking on national television. I so enjoy making flushing noises when I see those types of idiotic ads. If I see an advertising campaign that makes me sit up and take notice because it’s funny and witty and, dare I say it…smarter than a five year old, I may…MAY…take note and possibly…POSSIBLY…give it a try. I think that’s happened twice.

This is not about one of those times.

This is about the Mister succumbing to an ad by Amazon for the Kindle. I didn’t see the ad and have no idea what was involved but since he went out and bought one almost immediately, I think I’m safe in assuming the ad featured a woman in bed wearing something just this side of sleazy reading erotica on a Kindle.

Or something to do with baseball.

The why doesn’t really matter. It’s the how that is important in this story…damned quick is how. He saw the ad and the next thing I know he’s back from the store with a Kindle.

And now, I have a Kindle, too.

In my case, I did not see an ad featuring Karl Urban on his back in a sun lounger out by the pool covered in nothing but some sun tan lotion and sweat (although if I had, my “that’s happened twice” statement a paragraph or two back would have been a triple hat and faster than you can say “put it on my Visa.”)

Believe me...if I had been able to find a photo of Karl lounging by the pool, I would have used it.

No, it wasn’t an ad. It was the Mister going out and buying an electronic device without three days of research and googling! He just decided he wanted one and went out and bought one. So, of course, I had to go get one as well.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. Kindling. With my Kindle. And spending my entire month’s “entertainment” budget on Kindle edition novels. I’m now trying to decide if I can forego spending money on deodorant and toothpaste so I can buy Stephen King’s new book instead of waiting until the first of May and next month’s entertainment budget. I think I’m gonna go for it…with the Mister and I so engrossed in our new Kindles, who needs to smell good and have onion-free breath? I know, I know. Tapping into next month’s budget is very Ponzi-like but I know that this love affair won’t last forever…they never do. But while the feeling lasts, I’m going to pour on the sun tan lotion and make Karl Urban. Sorry…I mean make LIKE Karl Urban. You know…sitting by the pool getting all sweaty and stuff…reading on my new Kindle.

Next up…what I’ve been reading and a brand new BOOBS!