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day 23: life is all about the “I’m sorry”

W is for Wite-out (correction fluid)

I know you’re supposed to live your life with no regrets but don’t you just wish that sometimes you could apply a little wite-out to your life?

I can think of a former irritating boss, or three, that I would have gladly sent off for a little wite-out R&R. Or the person that constantly says, “I’m sorry” and who then proceeds to repeat the same infraction over and over again. They say it so often that it’s lost its meaning and you just want to be all Carrie Bradshaw and scream, “How about you don’t do something to be sorry for!”

Most of my wite-out moments seem to revolve around me saying yes when I want to say no. I’ve been cursed with a “pleaser” personality and too many times, I’ve been suckered into doing something I don’t want to do just because I don’t want to disappoint someone. Nine times of out ten, the person asking me has this whole passive-aggressive thing going on and even though I know deep down inside that they could give a rat’s ass about me personally, I still hear myself saying yes and feeling my head nod up and down. It’s something I’m working on.

This blog has helped tremendously.

My big wite-out wish right now would be wiping out this past month’s condo rental here in Melbourne. I’ve already done a blog post on why it’s been a right pain in the arse so I won’t repeat myself here. All I’ll say is it’s been a huge disappointment and a waste of a whole lotta cash. There is one thing I’ve learned though…next time, I’ll know to ask questions like, “Is the building under construction?” And, “Are you sure the wi-fi is working?” And, “Any plans to let cable people, plumbers, contractors come wandering in anytime they want…with the door pass code?” Finally, “Is there anything you have planned that you don’t plan to tell me about that’s going to scare the bejesus out of me?”

I’m sure our month in Melbourne will be talked about for months (if not years) to come and always referred to in italics. The fun part is going to be this Friday when I insist that the owner come over to check out the place so I can get my damage deposit back before leaving. If I let her mail me a cheque I have a feeling I’ll still be waiting this time next year.

I need that money now ’cause this experience is going to take a whole lot of wite-out. I may have to buy stock in Bic.

As I’m a curious person by nature, I’d be interested in hearing about your wite-out regrets.  You know you have a few and since you’ve probably bored everyone you’ve ever met with the stories by now, why don’t you pass them along to a fresh pair of eyes. Big bottle of wite-out to the best wite-out comment, postage paid.